Monday, 15 September 2014

LIfe tips that every introvert should know

 " shy is often described as a drawback, but it’s actually a really valuable quality and — especially when you’re a shy person who might be a little self-conscious about it — it’s important to understand why. "

“Being shy and being introverted are not necessarily one and the same thing,” says Harvard-trained psychotherapist and author Katherine Crowley. Shy people tend to be the observers, the listeners, and sometimes the hardest workers among us — and yet, the very qualities that make them especially valuable can hold them back. "

Here are some  interesting Tips


 On this video from TED TALKS Cameron Russell  shares her experience being a model  by answering some questions such as
How do you become a model?
Can I be a model when I grew up?
Do they retouch all the photos?
Do models get free stuff?
What is it like to be a model?
Watch it here.

The 7 characteristics of highly effective people who give TED talks

This is a link to Chris Bailey's post about " The 7 characteristics of highly effective people who give TED talks"
According to Chris The people who speak at TED: see limits differently, care a ton about just one thing, can see how their work fits into the bigger picture, are insanely curious, lead ‘tribes’, are crazy, and work unbelievably hard.

"Throughout my productivity experiment-continues Chris Bailey-  to watch 70 hours of TED talks the other week, I couldn’t help but think about the characteristics that presenters at TED conferences share.
Speakers at TED are at the top of their game, and are no doubt some of the most productive people out there. Here are the 7 habits of highly effective people who give TED talks!"